Welcome to www.PoPoetry.com - my humble exhibition in the web.

You can roam these grounds freely, there is little to mess up and what’s more, you are allowed to touch the glass, the more the merrier, because it is your screen after all.

What is PoPoetry? Well, the term “PoPoetry” is a contraction of the word “pop” for popular and the word “poetry” - Middle English via Medieval Latin poetria, Latin poeta. These two words were fused to ”PoPoetry”.  To make the whole word aesthetically more appealing I dropped one ”p”. (Please do not confuse it with I peed one drop.)

The collection of poems is called godisnowhere because I like the ambiguity of this word. To one person it means one thing and to another the exact opposite. You have to admit this is another endless theme of our existence. If you want to read a few poems in English or German, go to quill and do not worry, each internal link on this webpage was carefully homemade and selected for you.

So please sit back and enjoy!